For centuries man has made many discoveries in science, such as the atomic bomb which was worked on by Albert Einstein himself. Even with these amazing discoveries in science, do scientists and people have enough responsibility to control power? The atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki wiping out many lives instantly, instead of negotiations we chose to kill them. This is also true in today's world, scientists are cloning people to harvest the clones for organs, in turn extending the person's life. The morality issues of this is greatly argued, some people think it's right and some wrong. For instance past president George W. Bush vetoed stem cell research, but Barack Obama feels otherwise thinking that stem cell research will help tend to the suffering of others. So in your opinion do you think we should stop advancing ourselves in new technology and methods? Do people, namely the government who makes our decisions, have the sense to make the right choices on what to do with our scientific breakthroughs? Why?

    Lee Thi