Genetic science is currently the frontrunner in the field of science for the 21st century. There are an endless number of possibilities that genomics has to offer, and the world is already seeing some of it today, such as in genetically modified crops. However, these present accomplishments are toppled in comparison to possibilities of the future. A more revolutionary example of what genetic engineering could do is the genetic modification of humans’ DNA to have desired traits such as increased intelligence and athletic ability. Some would agree with this idea as it could act as a stepping stone to a utopia where all men and women are truly created equal, and segregation is only known of in history books. Alternately, others would disagree with the idea because it would result in a genetically homogenous society where individuality was merely a thing of the past.

What is your stance on the idea of genetic engineering, primarily in humans? Do you think that genetic engineering should either be given its chance to show its full potential with no limits, or be rejected completely? Or should genetic engineering be given a boundary as to what it should and should not be used for? If so, what would this boundary allow and not allow? Also, what were the factors that led you to make your decision (e.g. scientific knowledge, morals, or religious beliefs)?