What is Cloning?

Identical twins
          Cloning is the process of artificially creating life. The process of cloning creates two genetically identical organisms. Believe it or not, cloning has been around for thousands of years. Identical twins are one example of natural cloning in the world. Until only recent years scientists have not been able to replicate living organisms.

Pros of Cloning

1) Can be used to cause certain traits to be reproduced.

2) Important organs can be cloned from a human and these can be used to save the lives of other humans.

3) Can be used to cause certain traits to be reproduced.

4) Can eventually develop specialized organisms that can be used for the benefit of mankind.

5) Clones can be used by researchers as study subjects. This will allow the development of knowledge of the human genome.

6) Can be used as a solution to infertility.

Cons of Cloning

1) If an organism is cloned, its clone has the same genes as the original organism. This takes out the variability of genes. If a new disease were to surface, much of the species could be killed without being able to adapt.

2) Cloning is creating a life, which is like playing God and some fear that man will go to far.

3) Malpractices could start to appear.

4) Human rights would have to be mixed with animal rights and a clear line would not be created.

5) How long would it be before cloning would become cost-effective?

6) Do the clones have souls or are they to be treated like animals?

Cloning and Profit

          When cloning is fully developed, it will bring great profit. At first it will be expensive and not everyone will be able to afford it. As the technology becomes more advanced and cost-efficient, more people will be able to afford it. Since most people would probably want to live to at least the life expectancy of humans, cloning will eventually be in very high demand. As previously shown, the most profit is in the new technologies that arise every day.

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