Religion and Science


Charles Darwin in a caricature that shows Darwin as an Ape Man, implying Darwin to be leading Author of the Evolutionary Theory.
          Religion and science tend to clash but a gray zone does exist between the two concepts. The gray zone is based entirely on the individual and how well they are able to link the two together. While the clash of religion and science is based on preference, which do they prefer to believe and to what extent. The clash of religion and science typically began when Charles Darwin published his observations of the Galapago’s Finches, providing evidence of Natural Selection. The finches were similar but the obvious factor that differed the various island finches were their beaks. Each beak had its own purpose and design: some thick, some thin, some in the shape of a hook and etc. Darwin had proposed that these finches, after living on their different island, had evolved their beaks to be better well adapted to the food available to them, whether if their island was abundant with seeds, or insects, or worms. This theory clashed with religion as it proposed that through time and evolution did humans come to be. But as stated in the bible, it was God who was the creator of all life and the universe. In the modern days of society, religion and science continue to have heated feuds about the advancing sciences and its’ ethics. An example would be stem-cell research where stem-cells are (or could be) extracted from developing embryos but destroying them in the process. Stem-cells have the potential to cure the lives of humans as their structure and functions allow them to form any cell within the human body; a clean slate waiting to have an order. Though, embryos could be considered members of society and are considered human beings. It is against the law and several religions [mainly Christianity] to kill another human being for profit.
          The gray zone where science and religion subside along each other was made more evident when Charles Darwin himself made the theory of natural selection. Charles Darwin made the theory which contradicted the church and its religious view of the earth but he also retained his faith and belief in God.Aubrey Moore, a Christian Darwinian once wrote, “God was so wise that He had made all things. But was ‘He’ now not so much wiser having made all things make themselves?” It was this quote that had managed to blend religion and science even further, suggesting that, maybe God had made all living things, as essential building blocks, but through time, organisms themselves began to develop on their own. It seemed more convenient and logical as well to have the all mighty creator to create, but not to develop.

Jesus vs. Darwin

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